John Rolodex - The Cronenberg EP
        1.John Rolodex - The Cronenberg
        2.Amenizm F. John Rolodex - Conviction
        3.John Rolodex - Tell Me When to Let G


  In Your Veins EP OIKD012
1.Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat - Ctrl Alt Dstry
2.Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat - Hooker Neck
3.Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat - In Your Veins
4.Zardonic, Brandon Miles & Tricky Pat - Alien Wings
  Human Virus EP OIKD011
1.Centaspike - Human Virus
2.Centaspike - Macabre
3.Centaspike - Anti Human
4.Centaspike - Special
  End of time LP OIKD010
1.Empire X - End Of Time INTRO
2.Empire X - Criminal Origins
3.Empire X - Nibiru
4.Empire X - Feeling Fear
5.Empire X - Watchers
6.Empire X - Omega Dark
7.Empire X - Deliverance
8.Empire X - Taken
9.Empire X - Ritual
  Canibal EP OIKD009
1.Dead Phantoms - Let Go
2.Dead Phantoms - Canibal
3.Dead Phantoms - S.M.P.L.
  Creature EP OIKD008
1.Centaspike - Diary Of The Dead
2.Centaspike - Monsters
  No Faith EP OIKD007
1.Empire X - No Faith
2.Empire X - Crom
3.Empire X - Retaliation
  Lusus Naturae  EP OIKD006
1.Diverge & Brainwash - Dementor
2.Diverge & Proton Kid - Heretic
  Nation Wide Rukus EP OIKD005
1.Empire X - Nation Wide Rukus
2.Empire X - After Life
  Phat Death EP OIKD004
1.KillSwitch - Phat Death
2.killswitch - manhunt
Destruction EP OIKD003
1.OTM - Destruction
2.OTM - Give You A Shot
  Salvo Bombing EP OIKD002
1.Throttler - Salvo Bombing
2.Throttler - Sonic Hologram
  Basics EP OIKD001
1.Switch Technique feat Lady Chaos - hide and seek
2.Switch Technique - God's Eyesight