Real Name - Ross K

Country - UK

City - London

Age - 28

Weapon of choice - Hammer

Ross K a.k.a Brainwash hailing from South East London..

A Producer, DJ and record label owner. He has been in the music industry for at least 15 years and has covered nearly all the dance genres. Starting out as a DJ, he made himself a known playing various London underground radio stations and online internet radio. Darkwax recordings saw his producing potential early in his career and snapped him up quickly. 6 Years on Brainwash put his mind to other projects including his own label to promote his own unique style of drum and bass. The label, Order In Kaos, is growing from strength to strength with each release, signing up and coming and established artists such us BKey, Katharsys, Joanna Syze, John Rolodex to name just a few.
His musical Influences are Mistic, Counter Strike, Goldie, John Rolodex, Gremlins, Mumblez, BTK and many more
Brainwash's own releases have been highly acolaided and has got people talking from the across the globe.